J Squared Design Services

J Squared Design Services LLC was founded to help companies fight engineering bottle necks with high quality engineering solutions that exceed expectations. With more than ten years of individual design experience, we stand ready to serve all of your engineering needs.

With the understanding that lead time is second only to quality, we work to minimize the time a job will spend in engineering back log and maximize the time your shop has to build tooling.

J Squared Design Services understands that, in addition to quality engineering, there's a level of company culture that goes into each design. It may not appear important to everyone, but we understand that "how we do things" is an important part of how you stay competitive in the market place. We strive to ensure our designs match not only a high engineering standard but also match the company culture and all the things that keep your business competitive.

We utilize Creo Parametric, Soldiworks, and CATIA V5 as design suites and are able to export in almost all neutral formats that can be used in your facility.

These include but are not limited to: Iges (.igs, .iges), Step (.stp, .step), Parasolid (X_T, X_B), PDF

Services Available:

  • Injection Mold Design

  • Blow Mold Design

  • Compression Mold Design

  • Aerospace Tool Design

  • Rotational Molded Part Design

  • Thermoform Design

Software Options:

  • PTC Creo Parametric

  • DDS Solidworks


  • All maintanence kept up to date for access to the latest revisions of software