Compression Molds

Whether it's long fiber material or preform blocks, J Squared Design Services has seen it with regards to compression mold design. Our designs have been manufactured from a variety of tool steels with a strong base in P20 and harden-able steels.

From mold base units with full ejection to manual part removal, from molded in inserts to complex slide mechanisms, J Squared has tackled it all.

We've developed preform tools and measured compaction to accurately form preforms for use in our compression mold designs. J Squared can support the full line of your compression molded product and works hard to match your manufacturing methods to ensure a smooth build that matches all of your requirements.

Features Include

    • Mechanical Slides

    • Molded In-Inserts

    • Variety of Tool Steels and mold materials

    • Part Ejection

    • Standard mold base designs available

    • Preform designs

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