Blow Molds

J Squared Design Services has been designing blow molds in excess of ten years and understands the unique complexity that comes with a blow mold. From complex parting lines to complex mold actions, there's a lot of features and intricacy that one can see in a blow mold.

When it comes to a quality blow mold, specifications must be followed to a fine line to ensure the end customer has a mold they can run efficiently and hold the trust of the mold shop building it. J Squared understands how this and a close following of best shop practices makes for a successful build. We work hard to meet our customers demanding requirements.

A key component of designing a successful blow mold is also understanding the process behind it. Advising on proper blow ratios, flash depth and pinch geometry are all value added services that can be taken into consideration during the mold design process.

Features Include

    • Extrusion and accumulator head molds

    • Hydraulic and pneumatic slides

    • Rotating cores

    • Inserted and integral pinch

    • Blow pin and blow needle fed, blow channels

    • Internal and external manifolds

    • Molded-In Inserts

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